Are we ready for the flood?

Piazza San Marco (Source: Archivio Storico Comunale — Celestia)


  • Subsidence, +12 cm (natural and human causes)
  • Sea Level Rise, +14 cm
The table shows the percentage of flooding connected to high tides. The bar chart shows the ten-year frequency of tides >=110cm. High waters since 1966, the year of the great flood, more than 110 cm have been 191, while between 1926 and 1965 had been 21.
Source: Centro previsioni e Segnalazioni Maree
Signs in St. Mark’s square of the “Aqua Granda”(Venetian dialect expression to remember the big flood) in 1966"
These graphics show the increase of global temperatures and the rising of sea levels (source: AR5, SPM, p. 3)



1. Beaches reinforced 2. The intervention on the north pier of Malamocco 3. The intervention on the banks of the Zattere (Source:
High Tide in St. Mark Square (Source:


1. Surge Barriers on the River Thames protect 125 square kilometres of central London from flooding caused by tidal surges. 2. The Oosterscheldekering, one of 13 ambitious Delta Works series of dams and storm surge barriers, designed to protect the Netherlands from flooding from the North Sea. (Source:


Peak global mean temperature, atmospheric CO2, maximum global mean sea level (GMSL), and source(s) of meltwater. Light blue shading indicates uncertainty of GMSL maximum. Red pie charts over Greenland and Antarctica denote fraction (not location) of ice retreat. (Source: A Dutton / Science.)
Climate Central has launched its first animated map, Seeing Choices, which allows viewers to see the long-term sea levels locked in by different amounts of carbon pollution, contrasting scenarios of 0°C through 4°C of global warming.

UPDATE 14/11/19

the force of the tidal wave inside the historical center of Venice
The historical center of Venice completely flooded.
The historical center of Venice completely flooded.


M.O.S.E. barriers in function. On the left the lagoon (70 cm tide) on the right the Adriatic Sea (130 cm tide).



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